Great golf isn’t the only thing that takes place at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Of course, there is a swimming pool, tennis courts, horseback riding and plenty of weekend weddings at the facility that overlooks the picturesque Hudson River. But the club also has been a popular on-site location for many movies and television shows. Scenes for the movies “Gotham,” “The Prodigal Son,” “Bounty Hunter,” “Friends From College,” and the “Greatest Showman” were filmed on the grounds. The club’s skeet shooting cottage was used as Camp David for the TV series Madam Secretary. Other shows and mini-series that have been shot here include the HBO series Ghost and Boss. Paul Brock, who is Sleepy Hollow’s general manager, said at least 15 scenes were done for NBC’s Blacklist, a series starring James Spader. Even the long-running ABC soap opera “All My Children” had segments filmed on the property. And why not. The massive Woodlea Clubhouse draws its origins to 1892 when the Vanderbilt Mansion was owned by Colonel Elliot Fitch Shepard, the founder of the New York Bar Association. The mansion was purchased in 1910 by Frank Vanderlip and William Rockefeller, and in 1911, Sleepy Hollow Country Club was founded by a board of directors, which included John Jacob Astor IV, Cornelius Vanderbilt III, Edward Julius Berwind, and others.