COVID-19 affected individuals in a variety of ways. For 2023 U.S. Girls’ Junior quarterfinalist Sidney Yermish, it became a way to discover a new passion. During the pause, Yermish was getting into fitness when the Philadelphia native noticed the cool-looking fire trucks. So the then-14-year-old went down to the Penn Wynne-Overbrook Hills Fire Department and inquired about volunteering. “I tried it out and instantly loved it,” said Yermish, 17, an incoming University of Michigan freshman. “Something about adrenaline, something about showing up to people’s worst day [and] being able to help. It’s really a rewarding thing, and honestly, some of that adrenaline I can apply to the golf course for sure.” Even Yermish’s golf bag features a patch from the fire department. But so far this week at the U.S. Air Force Academy Eisenhower Golf Club, Yermish is extinguishing opponents instead of fires.