U.S. Mid-Amateur Champions


| Sep 18, 2023 | Liberty Corner, N.J.

U.S. Mid-Amateur Champions

In 1981, the USGA inaugurated the U.S. Mid-Amateur, a national championship for golfers at least 25 years of age. Before the Mid-Amateur's arrival, the post-college player found himself at a disadvantage in the U.S. Amateur. Since 1980, only four mid-amateurs have won the U.S. Amateur, the last coming in 1993 by John Harris.

In 2017, the USGA announced that the U.S. Mid-Amateur champion would receive an exemption into the following year's U.S. Open Championship. Matt Parziale became the first to achieve that feat with his victory at Capital City Club's Crabapple Course in suburban Atlanta.

Since 1988, every champion has been invited to play in The Masters, and many champions have also been selected to represent the USA in the biennial Walker Cup Match.

Southern California native Stewart Hagestad (three), and Pennsylvanians Jay Sigel (three) and Nathan Smith (four) are the only three golfers to have won three or more U.S. Mid-Amateur titles. In 1983 Sigel became the first golfer in 53 years to win two USGA Championships in the same year when he added the Mid-Amateur Championship to the U.S. Amateur Championship he had won just 32 days earlier.

U.S. Mid-Amateur Champions (1981-Present)

1981: Jim Holtgrieve d. Bob Lewis Jr., 2 up; Bellerive C.C., St. Louis, Mo.; Medalists — 145, Jay Sigel, Jay Rustman; Entries: 1,638

1982: William Hoffer d. Jeffrey Ellis, 3 and 2; Knollwood Club, Lake Forest, Ill.; Medalist — 137, Jay Sigel; Entries: 1,779

1983: Jay Sigel d. Randy Sonnier, 1 up; Cherry Hills C.C., Englewood, Colo.; Medalists — 139, Lawrence Stubblefield, Randy Sonnier; Entries: 2,186

1984: Michael Podolak d. Bob Lewis Jr., 5 and 4; Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands Course), Duluth, Ga.; Medalists — 146, Bob Lewis Jr., Danny Yates; Entries: 2,243

1985: Jay Sigel d. O. Gordon Brewer Jr., 3 and 2; The Vintage Club (Mountain Course), Indian Wells, Calif.; Medalist — 137, Dennis Saunders; Entries: 2,577

1986: Bill Loeffler d. Charles Pinkard, 4 and 3; Annandale G.C., Madison, Miss.; Medalist — 140, Larry Clark; Entries: 2,511

1987: Jay Sigel d. David Lind, 20 holes; Brook Hollow G.C., Dallas, Texas; Medalist — 139, Randy Sonnier; Entries: 2,630

1988: David Eger d. Scott Mayne, 2 and 1; Prairie Dunes C.C., Hutchinson, Kan.; Medalists — 140, Jay Sigel, Randy Sonnier, John Harris; Entries: 2,492

1989: James Taylor d. Bill Hadden, 4 and 3; Crooked Stick G.C., Carmel, Ind.; Medalist — 135, Sean Knapp; Entries: 3,007

1990: Jim Stuart d. Mark Sollenberger, 1 up; Troon G. & C.C., Scottsdale, Ariz.; Medalist — 141, Mitch Voges; Entries: 3,397

1991: Jim Stuart d. Bert Atkinson, 1 up; Long Cove Club, Hilton Head Island, S.C.; Medalist — 138, William Hadden; Entries: 3,684

1992: Danny Yates d. David Lind, 1 up; Detroit (Mich.) G.C. (North Course); Medalist — 138, John Grace; Entries: 3,692

1993: Jeff Thomas d. Joey Ferrari, 1 up; Eugene (Ore.) C.C.; Medalist — 139, Jay Coatta; Entries: 3,600

1994: Tim Jackson d. Tommy Brennan, 1 up; Hazeltine National G.C., Chaska, Minn.; Medalist — 136, Tom Kroll; Entries: 3,720

1995: Jerry Courville Jr. d. Warren Sye, 1 up; Caves Valley G.C., Owings Mills, Md.; Medalist — 139, John Harris; Entries: 3,885

1996: John “Spider” Miller d. Randy Lewis, 3 and 2; Hartford G.C., West Hartford, Conn.; Medalist — 139, Jerry Courville Jr.; Entries: 4,102

1997: Ken Bakst d. Rick Stimmel, 1 up; Dallas Athletic Club (Blue Course), Mesquite, Texas; Medalist — 132, Bert Atkinson; Entries: 5,271

1998: John “Spider” Miller d. Chip Holcombe, 1 up; NCR C.C. (South Course), Dayton, Ohio; Medalist — 136, Steve Sheehan; Entries: 4,095

1999: Danny Green d. Jerry Courville Jr., 2 and 1; Old Warson C.C., St. Louis, Mo.; Medalist — 139, Ed Brooks; Entries: 4,267

2000: Greg Puga d. Wayne Raath, 3 and 1; The Homestead (Cascades Course), Hot Springs, Va.; Medalists — 138, Jim Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Darryl Donovan, Dale Fuller; Entries: 4,326

(36-Hole Championship Match Implemented, 2002-Present)

2001: Tim Jackson d. George Zahringer, 1 up; San Joaquin C.C., Fresno, Calif.; Medalist — •132, Jeff Wilson; Entries: 4,667

2002George Zahringer d. Jerry Courville Jr., 3 and 2; The Stanwich Club, Greenwich, Conn.; Medalists — 142, George Zahringer, Pat Carter, Bill Sharpe; Entries: 4,549. Final Results

2003Nathan Smith d. Bryan Norton, match conceded due to injury; Wilmington (Del.) C.C. (South Course); Medalist — 137, Tripp Davis; Entries: 4,469. Final Results

2004Austin Eaton III d. Josh Dennis, 1 up; Sea Island G.C. (Seaside Course), St. Simons Island, Ga.; Medalists — 137, Paul Simson, Jeff Wilson; Entries: 4,371. Final Results

2005Kevin Marsh d. Carlton Forrester, 10 and 9; The Honors Course, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Medalist — 138, Darin Newhouse; Entries: 4,130. Final Results

2006Dave Womack d. Ryan Hybl, 1 up; Forest Highlands G.C. (Canyon Course), Flagstaff, Ariz.; Medalists — 139, Carlton Forrester, Ryan Hybl, Trip Kuehne; Entries: 4,052. Final Results

2007Trip Kuehne d. Dan Whitaker, 9 and 7, Bandon Dunes (Ore.) Resort (Bandon Dunes Course); Medalists — 144, Richard Berkmeyer, Tim Hogarth, Stephen Sear, George Zahringer, Trip Kuehne, Austin Eaton; Entries: 4,426. Final Results

2008Steve Wilson d. Todd Mitchell, 5 and 4; Milwaukee C.C., River Hills, Wis.; Medalist — 138, Skip Berkmeyer; Entries: 3,839. Final Results

2009Nathan Smith d. Tim Spitz, 7 and 6; The Kiawah Island (S.C.) Club (Cassique); Medalists — 140, Mike McCoy, Nathan Smith; Entries: 4,188. Final Results

2010Nathan Smith d. Tim Hogarth, 7 and 5; Atlantic Golf Club, Bridgehampton, N.Y.; Medalists – 144, Nathan Smith, Tim Hogarth, Scott Harvey; Entries: 3,860. Final Results

2011Randal Lewis d. Kenny Cook, 3 and 2; Shadow Hawk Golf Club, Richmond, Texas; Medalist – 139, John Engler; Entries: 3,743. Final Results

2012: Nathan Smith d. Garrett Rank, 1 up; Conway Farms Golf Club, Lake Forest, Ill.; Medalist – 141, Brad Valois; Entries: 3,810. Final Results

2013: Michael McCoy d. Bill Williamson, 8 and 6; Country Club of Birmingham (West Course), Birmingham, Ala.; Medalist – 136, Matthew Mattare; Entries: 4,238. Final Results

2014: Scott Harvey d. Brad Nurski, 6 and 5; Saucon Valley Country Club (Old Course), Bethlehem, Pa.; Medalists – 141, Scott Harvey, Brad Nurski; Entries: 3,891. Final Results

2015: Sammy Schmitz d. Marc Dull, 3 and 2; John's Island Club (West Course), Vero Beach, Fla.; Medalists – 139, Scott Harvey, Matt Parziale; Entries: 4,024. Final Results

2016: Stewart Hagestad d. Scott Harvey, 37 holes; Stonewall (Old and North Courses), Elverson, Pa.; Medalists – 138, Michael Muehr, Thomas Werkmeister, Scott Harvey; Entries: 4,131. Final Results

2017: Matt Parziale d. Josh Nichols, 8 and 6; Capital City Club (Crabapple Course), Atlanta, Ga.; Medalist – 136, Bradford Tilley; Entries: 4,386. Final Results

2018: Kevin O'Connell d. Brett Boner, 4 and 3; Charlotte (N.C.) Country Club; Medalist – 137, Stephen Behr; Entries: 4,709. Final Results

2019: Lukas Michel d. Joseph Deraney, 2 and 1; Colorado Golf Club, Parker, Colo.; Medalist – 136, Ben Warnquist; Entries: 4,751. Final Results

2020: Championship canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

2021: Stewart Hagestad d. Mark Costanza, 2 and 1; Sankaty Head Golf Club, Siasconset, Mass.; Medalist – •131, Yaroslav Merkulov; Entries: 5,339. Final Results

2022: Matthew McClean d. Hugh Foley, 3 and 1; Erin Hills, Erin, Wis.; Medalists – 134, Jake Shuman, Sam Jones; Entries: 5,708. Final Results

2023: Stewart Hagestad d. Evan Beck, 3 and 2; Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Scarborough, N.Y.; Medalist – 135, Jeronimo Esteve; Entries: §6,060. Final Results              

• Record qualifying score (1997, 2001)

§ Record entry (2023)